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The support in running a business in Poland

  • Elaborating commercial contracts. Negotiating with the counterparty
  • Export and import transactions support
  • Representing client’s interests at public administration bodies
  • Setting litigations
  • Corporate activity support. Selling stakeholders’ share.
  • Ceasing company’s business activity. Company elimination
  • Permanent consulting services. Subscription services
Elaborating commercial contracts. Negotiating with the counterparty

Our team prepares drafts for the Clients who plan for concluding agreements in Poland or with the counterparty from Poland. The while drafting agreements we take into account our Client’s interests, Client’s business peculiarities, the Law of Poland requirements applicable for the agreement.

Out professionals also analyse the agreement drafts offered by the counterparty. Our main purpose in such an activity is to identify and minimize the possible risks which may result from signing the contract prepared by the counterparty.

We offer:

  • Commercial contract draft of any type or complication level (contract of sale, supply contract, barter agreement, rental agreement, leasing agreement, loan agreement, refit contract, contract of carriage, franchise agreement etc.).
  • The counterparty’s agreement content analysis to reveal whether its conditions satisfy Client’s interests as well as potential risks; elaboration and adjusting a protocol on areas of disagreement.

One of our team members can participate in agreement negotiations as a lawyer. Our professional experience has proved that lawyer’s participation in negotiations among the representatives of businesses established in different countries is justifiedand sometimes even necessary.

Our main task is to make previous agreements and draft prospective contracts in such a way, that they are in compliance with our Client’s interests.

The purpose can be achieved by means of:

  • Our lawyer’s participation in negotiations both in Ukraine and in Poland.
  • Lawyer’s participation in negotiations via videoconference.
  • Holding telephone or email negotiations on our Client’s behalf.
Export and import transactions support

‘Romaniuk & Partners’ help the Clients who work with import and export of goods in Ukraine, Poland and other countries organise their business activity efficiently.

Our main task in the area is to minimize risks in conducting export and import operations as well as to minimize the expenses.

Our company provides the following services:

  • Company registration at customs: both in Poland and in Ukraine.
  • Preparing all the documents necessary for export and import transactions (agreement drafting, elaborating the list of specifications, providing packing list, invoices, declarations etc.).
  • Certification of products for export and import.
  • Arranging for customs broker’s services both in Poland and in Ukraine.
  • Supervising the correct products customs registration and clearance.
  • Consulting on current issues arising in the process of conducting export and import transactions.

Our professionals help both Polish and Ukrainian businesses organise products export and import in the way which eliminates problems with supervisory bodies in both countries.

Representing client’s interests at public administration bodies

Running a company in Poland requires the ongoing communication with public bodies and establishments. The peculiarities of such cooperation are conditioned by the activity type a company practices.

A part of such work is to be done by and accountant. However, the bigger part of work is carried out by the Polish company’s leaders.

‘Romaniuk & Partners’ can provide for the Client’s company or a Client’s personal representative at public bodies and establishments in the Republic of Poland, such as: Tax Administration, Labour Administration, Alien Office, Social Security Administration, State Border Guard and Customs Services.

We provide for:

  • Client’s Polish company representation in public administrations.
  • Legal solution to specific issues in cooperation with public administration bodies and local governments in the Republic of Poland.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the Law of Poland allows for a representative who has a proxy to deal with a wide range of essential business activity issues with no need of company’s leader to be present.

Setting litigations

Our experts may be helpful in situations where company’s management have to deal with a court trial or defend their rights in the Republic of Poland. We explain the peculiarities of trials in Poland and provide the necessary legal support to oour Clients.

Our services include:

  • Elaborating and supporting favourable legal position of a Client in a trial.
  • If possible, extrajudicial conflict settlement.
  • Preparing the necessary documents for court proceedings, in accordance with the Law of Poland.
  • Reliable representation of Client’s interests in Courts of all Instances in Poland. 

Our main tasks in trials are the following:

  • Defining de facto Client’s legal position in the situation.
  • Elaborating the best ways of resolving conflicts.
  • Clear implementation of the method of conflict resolution which was agreed upon.
Corporate activity support. Selling stakeholders’ share.

We advise to the Clients who run companies registered in Poland to take care of the proper support for its corporate activities.

Holding common or management meetings, change of chairperson orlegal address, adoption of the yearly financial report, the change of business activity type have to be documented properly and in compliance with the Law of Poland.

If documents are written in a wrong way, the public administration body may refuse to register them and return the documents to the business owner to correct.

In such a case, even the easiest registration process might develop into a time- and effort-consuming event.

With the assistance of our professionals, the Clients can easily deal with the following things:

  • The change of a chairperson or management membership.
  • Amending the regulations of a Polish company (including the change of business activity type).
  • The change of company address.
  • The registration of the yearly financial reports.
  • Ceasing or resuming company’s business activity.
  • Company’s statutory fund increase and decrease.
  • The correct documenting of a loan for a Polish company and many other actions necessary for a Polish company operation.

If necessary, we can change the membership of a Polish company, conduct shares selling, divide the shares among the current company members etc.

Ceasing company’s business activity. Company elimination

The Law of Poland allows for companies who are temporarily inactive to cease company’s business activity for 2 years if its managers are planning to renew the business after some period of time.

Our experts help arrange and submit the documents for ceasing business activity in the shortest period of time possible. And on the contrary: we can handle resuming business activity in Poland.

If the Client has no doubts they do not want to return to the business in future, we recommend eliminating the company. Although the eliminating process is long-lasting, its result will protect the Client from extra expenses for serving an inactive business (yearly submission of business reports to Tax Administration, yearly report registration for the National Council of the Judiciary, accountant services, office rental etc.) as well as from the problems with supervision bodies.

‘Romaniuk & Partners’ can provide comprehensive assistance in Polish company elimination without disturbing the Client with the process.

Permanent consulting services. Subscription services

Our team provides permanent support for Polish company activities. We offer the flexible packaging system for subscription services.

There are the separate pricelists for the services provided by company’s lawyers and for the ones provided by the manager.

Then subscription services we offer are essential for the foreign businesses in Poland that are at their early stages and do not have their own offices.

The additional information about subscription services is available here.

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