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Starting a business in Poland

  • Business planning in Poland
  • Business registration in Poland
  • Accounting
  • Obtaining permits and licences
  • Trademark registration
  • Legal assistance for investing
Business planning in Poland

We help the clients who want to start a business in Poland but have doubts of whether the local law system is favourable for their plans, in the following ways:

  • We explain the peculiarities of the law system of the Republic of Poland as well as the pros and cons of working within the jurisdiction of the country.
  • If necessary, a comprehensive training seminar about the peculiarities of running business in Poland can be held both for business owners and employees.
  • The analysis of our Clients’ business plan can be undertaken, the demands by the Law of Poland for the domain of the Clients’ activity can be defined, the prospective legal risks of implementing a business model in Poland can be foreseen.
  • We offer help in calculating expenses at the basic stages of setting up and running a business in Poland.
  • The comparative analysis of the basic aspects of running business in Poland and within other foreign jurisdictions.

Cooperation with ‘Romaniuk & Partners’ is the contribution to understanding basiclegal requirements to businesses in Polandand legal control in Poland in the areas of business activities where our clients work.

The comprehension of the information helps identify:

  • Whether the jurisdiction of Poland is favourable for the business.
  • The factors should be paid most attention to while starting a business in Poland.
  • Expenditure optimization methods at the basic stages of running a business in Poland.

Should the Client decide that the jurisdiction of another country is better for their business – our experts will find other professional advisers and arrange cooperation with them. However, such cases have been very rare in our experience!

Business registration in Poland

‘Romaniuk & Partners’ are always ready to assist Clients, who want to start a business in the Republic of Poland, in setting up a company and in doing the preparations for running it. 

The services our company provides in the area are the following:

  • De facto registration place for companies which is a vital condition for obtaining the status of a VAT payer.
  • The preparation of thebusiness establishing agreement for the future company as well as other documents necessary for business registration.
  • Holding a constituent assembly for the company members at a Notary Office.
  • If necessary, our company can arrange for a sworn interpreter for the constituent assembly (in case the Client or the Client’s partners do not speak Polish).
  • Providing for a representative (a member of our team) of the Party who does not have an opportunity to come to the Notary Office. We also take care of all the proxies necessary for such a situation.
  • Assistance in opening company’s bank account.
  • Arranging for cooperation with an accountant.
  • Providing the ‘VAT payer’ status for a company.
  • If necessary, registering a company at customs (in EORI system).

Our team’s main tasks in the area are: toidentifying the peculiarities of the future company’s activity and to refer to them in the founding documents; to prepare all the documents necessary for business registration; to amend founding documents so that they are in compliance with the Law of Poland requirements.


The partners from our company can take care of the high-quality accounting at our Clients’ businesses. Our main task is to arrange for and organize the Client’s cooperation with the accountant in the way that eliminates problems with supervisory bodies. Another important task our experts pay much attention to, is to make Polish company accounting process clear for the Client.

The advantages of cooperation with the accountant we offer:

  • The accountant is the one who keeps Client’s primary documentation. The accountant is responsible for arranging it properly and for correspondence and meetings with supervisory bodies’ representatives. That is why tax audits are held at an accountant company instead of the Client’s office.
  • Our professionals are fully responsible for the quality of accounting. The fact is established by the respective insurance policy.
  • Fair price and convenient paying methods for accounting services.

The types of the services we offer:

  • Starting and maintaining accounting database for a company in Poland.
  • Preparingyearly financial statements, registering the statements and submitting them to supervisory bodies.
  • Hiring another accountant for a company in Poland and correcting previously made accounting mistakes.
  • Arranging for accountant’s participation in relations between Client’s company and supervisory bodies.

Thesignificant fact is that, in Poland, accountants are not influenced by the Client’s business registration place. Thus, ‘Romaniuk & Partners’ provide for high-quality accounting no matter where exactly in Poland Client’s business is registered.

Obtaining permits and licences

Our company assists in preparingand submitting all the documents required for business permits in Poland in the following way:

  • Our professionals make a list of licensing conditions in Poland for the respective business areas.
  • We Prepare and submit the complete set of documents for permits or licences to public authorities.
  • The team members can deal with amending the data in the issued permits and licenses.

Our main task is the high-quality preparation of the whole set of documents so that a permit or a licenceis issued in the shortest period of time possible.

Trademark registration

Those who are planning to start or already have a business in Poland should take care of protecting their trademark which will prevent a company fromsuffering rivals’ unlawful conduct.

‘Romaniuk & Partners’ provides for Client’s trademark registration for the territory of Poland and whole European Union (in oral, graphic, 3-dimensional and aural forms). Our main task is to optimize the expenditures for trademark registration while providing reliable legal protection for it.

Our duties:

  • Trademark registration for the territory of Poland.
  • Trademark registration for the territory of the European Union and trademark legal protection in the whole area.
  • Amending trademark information in Polish and European Union registries (changing the owner and/or activity classes under protection).
Legal assistance for investing

Our team provides services of making investments within the Jurisdiction of Poland in the most profitable way. The experts prepare agreements and other documents required to implement an investment project in the shortest period of time possible.

 ‘Romaniuk & Partners’ assist in the following actions:

  • Purchasing personal and real estate in Poland.
  • Establishing statutory funds for a Polish company by means of cash or other assets.
  • Drawing company’s costs for business in Poland.
  • Purchasing other companies’ shares etc.
  • Our major task is to minimize the risks for investing companies as well as to provide the investments documented protection.
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