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Package solutions

  • Constraction works
  • Labour agencies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Information technologies
  • Trading companies
  • Transportation
Constraction works

We offer the comprehensive package solutions for the Clients who plan to implement construction projects in Poland.

Our company provides efficient and prompt start of business activities in Poland with the following services:

  • Establishing a company with the necessary range of activities orgrants the Client with the ready-to-operate business.
  • Employing construction workers.
  • Obtaining work permits for foreign employees (the citizens of Ukraine, Belorussia, Georgia etc.).
  • Preparing the documents that allow employees to work at a construction site (medical certificates, occupational health and safety training document etc.).
  • Analysing construction works agreement’s compliance with the Client’s interests. If necessary, an agreement or protocol on areas of disagreement drafts can be prepared. Our professionals can also assist Clients in negotiations.

The main tasks in the area are the following:

  • To provide the correct elaboration of all documents, so that Client’s business activities are in compliance with the Law of Poland.
  • Protecting Client’s interests in relations with counterparties.
Labour agencies

‘Romaniuk & Partners’ support labour agencies establishment in Poland. We provide our services in a clear, quick and high-quality manner for fair price. Our experience with labour agencies in Poland helps us foresee possible business risks at the early stages of company’s operation.

Our team offers the following services:

  • Registration of a business; compiling the list of the necessary regulations in the constituent documents.
  • Obtaining labour agency license.
  • Preparing labour agency yearly report.
  • Obtaining work permits for foreign employees (the citizens of Ukraine, Belorussia, Georgia etc.).
  • Organising proper employment process, preparing employment contracts.
  • Preparing an agreement papers between a Polish Labour Agency and customer’s company (preparing agreement draft, regulations analysis of the agreement offered by the counterparty, participation in negotiations etc.).
  • Supporting labour agencies in sending employees to the customer company’s site (arranging for medical examinations, occupational health and safety training etc.).


Our main tasks in the area are the following:

  • To establish a business in accordance with the Regulations of Poland concerning labour agencies’ activities.
  • To obtain a license necessary for the labour agency legal operation.
  • To prepare the sample set of documents so that the labour agency can operate independently.
Manufacturing companies

Our team provides the services of registering the documents and handling legal procedures to the Clients who want to start a manufacturing company in Poland.

Our lawyers have the experience of assisting numerous manufacturing companies from the moment of their establishment until sale of the ready products.

We offer the following services:

  • Establishing companies for manufacturing the certain product type.
  • Identifying the Law of Poland requirements for organizing and implementing the certain type of manufacturing activities.
  • Documenting the rights to land lots or manufacturing premises (purchasing, renting etc.).
  • Assistance in purchasing manufacturing equipment (purchasing, rental, leasing, including into statute funds, import etc.).
  • Employing industrial workers, including foreigners (preparing employment contracts, organizing medical examinations, occupational health and safety training etc.).
  • Assistance in purchasing raw materials and distributing ready products (concluding a contract of sale, supply contract, contract of carriage, agreement of export and import operations assistance etc.).

Our main tasks in the area are the following:

  • Identifying all Law of Poland requirements concerning establishing and running a manufacturing company.

The proper organization of the manufacturing process, namely, performance of staff workers management.

Information technologies

‘Romaniuk & Partners’ help implement the ideas of those who want to manage their business activities (or a part of operational processes) in compliance with the Law of the Republic of Poland.

We offer:

  • Establishing IT-companies (or privately held companies) within the jurisdiction of Poland and that of other foreign countries.
  • Trademark registration in Poland and other EU countries.
  • Proper documenting of the cooperation with full-time staff members and freelencers.
  • Tax optimization.
  • Preparing an agreement onworking and providing services in the realm of IT, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Non-Compete Agreement, etc.

Our main task is to optimize Client’s activity within the jurisdiction of Poland in an efficient way.

Trading companies

Our team provides a range of ideas which might help to start a trading business in Poland promptly.

Our professionals assist in:

  • Establishing a trading company.
  • Obtaining the status of a VAT payer.
  • Registering a company at customs (in EORI system).
  • Identifying the Law of Poland conditions which concern exporting and importing Client’s products.
  • Preparing all the documents necessary for conducting export and import operations (elaborating and agreeing upon contracts, elaborating the list of specifications, providing packing list, invoices, declarations etc.).
  • Certification of products for export and import.
  • Arranging for customs broker’s services both in Poland and in Ukraine.
  • Supervising the correct products customs registration and clearance.
  • Consulting on current issues arising in the process of conducting export and import transactions.


Our main tasks in the area are the following:

  • Documenting company establishment in a proper manner.
  • Our professionals help organise products export and import in the way which eliminates problems with supervisory bodies in both countries.

Establishing a company in Poland is a very good idea for those who want to develop a transport of passenger or of loads business as well as for the ones who plan engage in freight forwarding in the EU. ‘Romaniuk & Partners’ offers assistance with handling all formalities arising from starting such a company.

We provide the following services:

  • Establishing a transport company.
  • Proper purchasing of vehicles documenting (selling, leasing).
  • Obtaining license for passengers and load transportation as well as for freight forwarding.
  • Preparing the necessary agreements.
  • Route planning for transporting passengers via international transport communication.
  • Debt collection from counterparties and insurance companies.

Our team assist in documenting relations with the person who obtained Professional Transportation Certificate as well as in arranging for the professional technical support for transportation activities.

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